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  1. Columbia suffered quite a bit in the aftermath of the student protest. Applications, endowments, and grants for the university declined significantly in the following years. “It took at least 20 years to fully recover.”

  2. I think the site is beautiful and I thank Laura and all of you for creating it. I was unable to make the 2008 Reunion, but would still like to participate. Would it still be possible to add my testimony as someone who was both a faculty member and an active participant in SDS.

    Hugs, Richard Greeman, PhD 1968
    aka ‘Dick Greeman’s Bloody Nose’

    (actually it was my head that got bloodied, but it didn’t make me change my mind about capitalism and I still haven’t)

  3. Sherry,

    I got your message sent via my gmail account (which I don’t check frequently). VALA is listed as part of the conference program.



  4. I was moved all over again watching and listening to the audio-visual snippet of the conference opening. Too bad the panelists on the right were in the shadow and their speeches cut out, but I do know about technology limitations.

    Great to hear Bill Sales again and feel his passion to strive to Struggle Always for Black People.

    Looking forward to more entries, reminders.
    Keep up the Great Work!

    P.S. Have not looked, but maybe our short documentary will be mentioned or linked somehow? — VALA:The Power of Black Students at Columbia University 1968-2008.

    Thanks, Sherry A. Suttles, Barnard ’69; Hamilton Hall ’68

  5. I would like to get back into the forum – after months of laptop woes, losing data, I would like to sign back in, especially after going to Alan Berkman’s funeral last week. Did someone post the obituary in today’s NY Times? Missing you all – Eleanor

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