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Patrick O. Patterson

If there is a typical life story in this collection, mine is not it. But it is no exaggeration to say that my years as an undergraduate at Columbia, and particularly the tumultuous spring of my senior year, set me on the course I have pursued for the rest of my life. I was often […]

Mark Naison

Dear …….. I haven’t been able to sleep too well since our online conversations about my participating in the events commemorating the Columbia strike. You were right to prod me to participate, and even though I agreed to do so out of loyalty to and respect for you, rather than any real enthusiasm about the […]

Trude Bennet

Dear friends, I will not be at the reunion and have not jumped into the fray up until now, but I have been following with interest. I am writing from Vietnam, where I have been working for the last 10 years on reproductive health effects of Agent Orange/dioxin and other public health issues with colleagues […]

David Gilbert

83-A-6158 Box 2001 Dannemora, New York 12926 A big hello and warm greetings to everyone. I have not been the most accessible of alums as my unlikely path took me from the hallowed halls of the Ivy League to the barred cell of a maximum security prison. At Columbia, I loved the sense of grounding […]

Johnny Sundstrom

In order to learn more about the life and work of Johnny Sundstrom (aka Johnny Motherfucker), read the article from The Oregon News in the Files section of the Yahoo site. No, not “Pastor Pleads Guilty in Tax Fraud Case.” It’s the headline article under the photo of him: “Radically Resolute: Finding Middle Ground in […]

Sherry A. Suttles

A brief synopsis of the life of Sherry A. Suttles: Book excerpts for 40th Commemoration, Columbia ‘68 Student Strike, April 24-27, 2008 President, Barnard College Class of 1969, Hamilton Hall 1968 Veteran, and Executive Producer of VALA (Columbia ’68-’08) Film On April 23, 1968, in the wee hours of the 24th, actually as a Barnard […]

Alan Senauke

This piece covers a lot of personal territory telegraphically. I apologize in advance for leaving out names and much detail in the years following the Columbia strike. I also acknowledge fallibility of memory and a keen awareness that events often look very different from another’s perspective. Among all the back and forth of comments and […]

Hilton Obenzinger

First, a few rules. In most instances I will not be mentioning names. You may even know who I’m talking about – but I believe that it’s up to them to talk about their own view of their experiences, particularly when it comes to being involved in radical politics. Also, in some cases I’m only […]

Barbara Bernstein

The morning of April 23, 1968, my boyfriend and I accidentally slept in. I awoke upset that we were missing a demonstration at the Sundial to stop the Morningside Park Gym. Rushing up Amsterdam Avenue we ran into a throng of students coming from the contested gym site. The fence around the construction site had […]

Meredith Sue Willis

I’ve been reading a memoir by a friend of mine, a generation older than we are, who was born in Austria and escaped on a Kindertransport just ahead of the Holocaust. Her sense of herself in history is profound, and I’m thankful that my age cohort too can see itself in history. We all are […]

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