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Ira Stollak

After graduating in 1969 I married my high school sweetheart and spent a year teaching English to upstate New York farm kids while my wife finished her degree. I was someone from Mars to them – they’d never heard anyone speak of class war, racism, or imperialism. Contemplating an academic career, I earned an M.A. […]

Barry Willdorf

Two months after the strike, Bonnie and I got married. I had a year of law school left. Bonnie had 2 years to go at Barnard. Bonnie went to the SDS convention that summer. I worked for the Emergency Civil Liberties Committee doing what law students inevitably do for honchos like Kunstler, the Lubels, Hank […]

Tom Ehrenberg

After Columbia, I stayed in New York City for another two or three years, knocking around in various jobs. I ended up marrying Margaret Dale Wright, and after our first child was born we moved to Vermont, where we set up housekeeping, had three more kids, and integrated ourselves into the life of our community. […]

Dan Leighton

I have been impressed while reading about others’ lives at the good efforts at social justice so many have made since ‘68. As part of our common legacy, I want to share a little about my own sporadic efforts since my arrest in April ‘68 to remain faithful to something important that we all expressed […]

Morris Grossner

Columbia strikers would remember me as Morris Grossner, as I used my stepfather’s surname through my Columbia days. I was one of the 6 students threatened with disciplinary action, leading to the 1968 Columbia rebellion. I recently learned from the Columbia 68 Homepage that the administration had informed the draft board that I was expelled […]

Mike Golash

Deirdre and I got married in May of 1971 in St Paul’s Chapel. Deirdre had graduated from Barnard in 1970 and taken some graduate courses the following year. After our marriage we moved to Washington, DC. I had never finished my graduate work after 1968 and I was not particularly interested in being a chemical […]

Jane Kinzler

I guess I’ve always felt myself to be an outsider, so, in true spirit, my relationships to the political scene at Columbia, and anywhere in fact, before and afterward, have been from the outside, and from the personal. For years, I felt like an observer in my own life, that I was perennially thirteen years […]

Cathy Tashiro

I’ve been in a reflective mood because of the book I’m working on about older people of mixed race, so that probably comes through in this story. I ended up writing more than I expected to about my history before Columbia, and then it was getting too long, so I condensed the post-Columbia 68 part. […]

Philip Wohlstetter

I learned about the strike in the middle of “Macbeth”. I was staging the play on campus at the time and, one day, Macduff, Malcolm, and the First Witch didn’t show up for rehearsal. All were in Fayerweather. Getting inside to see them was (I imagine) like trying to crash Studio 54: line up at […]

Eric Lerner

Note: Since, unlike many of you fellow strike veterans, I’ve never written about my experience of the ’68 strike, I’m doing it at length here, and so saying less about the rest of my bio. I’ve left out my personal life entirely, but will be happy to trade stories of that with you all in […]

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